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Digital Stickers for Book Lovers

Digital Stickers for Book Lovers

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These digital stickers for book lovers will allow you to add decoration and flair to your digital reading journal.

Bright colors, snappy reading sayings, and book-themed designs will help you document your reading–and have fun doing it.

Note that these are NOT printable stickers. These are digital stickers (PNG files) meant for use with digital planners (such as the Digital Reading Challenge Journal–sold separately) on iPads and tablets.

You may like these if you use a digital planning app such as GoodNotes to track your reading in a digital planner or dedicated digital reading journal. 

What's Included

⭐ Zip file with 65 individual digital sticker files (pre-cropped PNGs with transparent backgrounds)

⭐ 1-page GoodNotes file with pre-cropped stickers

⭐ Zipped GoodNotes Collection file to add stickers to your Elements


These digital stickers are meant for use with digital planners on iPad or Android tablets.

You will need a digital planning app such as GoodNotes, Notability, or Noteshelf.

The Goodnotes and Collection files will ONLY work in the GoodNotes app on the iPad.

How It Works

Download the files to your computer and add them to your digital notation app. Detailed instructions for GoodNotes are included with purchase.

Individual PNGs may be used with any digital planning app.

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